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woensdag 8 november 2017

maandag 6 november 2017

donderdag 2 november 2017

zondag 29 oktober 2017

pink, yellow and orange

For the  SPA challenge  this week: pink, yellow and orange.

"Stream", collage with some digital additions,  6 x 4 inch.

woensdag 25 oktober 2017

shades of orange

For  the three muses challenge  this week: orange.

Image 1 and 3 are found woodblocks: headpieces of wooden beams 
painted with red-orange lead paint, each 10 x 10 cm.

For  image  2 and 4 I've used an online tool to create your own print-on-demand product.
(The pillows exist only digital). The original images can be found  in an earlier post  here

maandag 23 oktober 2017

turquoise ripples

For the  TAW challenge  this week: shades of turquoise.

Collage,  décollage , paint, mono-print, each 10 x 15 cm.

maandag 16 oktober 2017

maandag 9 oktober 2017

dancing numbers

For the TAW challenge   this week: numbers.
Some years ago I participated in "The Week As Art" in Create Mixed Media magazine.
I visualized a week in seven numbers.
For the take a word challenge I've put the seven images together into one image (above).
(Each number is 2,5 x  2,5 inch) 
Below I've altered the numbers into a "painted by number" image: dancing numbers.

woensdag 27 september 2017


For the the three muses challenge  this week: windows.

I was caught by the wideness of the billboard images: as a window to the world.

zondag 24 september 2017

carte postale - atlas

For the SPA challenge  and the TAW challenge this week.

Collage 10 x 15 cm, the drawing is an altered detail of the
"Crouching Figure of Atlas by Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (1481–1536)"

maandag 11 september 2017

zondag 3 september 2017

maandag 21 augustus 2017


For the TAW challenge  this week: blackbird.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

by Wallace Stevens
Among twenty snowy mountains
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the blackbird
I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.
The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
It was a small part of the pantomime.
A man and a woman
Are one.
A man and a woman and a blackbird
Are one.
I do not know which to prefer
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendoes.
The blackbird whistling
Or just after.
Icicles filled the long window
With barbaric glass
The shadow of the blackbird
Crossed it, to and fro.
The mood
Traced in the shadow
An indecipherable cause.
O thin men of Haddam,
Why to do you imagine golden birds?
Do you not see how the blackbird
Walks around the feet
of the women about you?
I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.
When the blackbird flew out of sight,
It marked the edge
Of one of many circles.
At the sight of blackbirds
Flying in a green light,
Even the bawds of euphony
Would cry out sharply.
He rode over Connecticut
In a glass coach.
Once, a fear pierced him,
In that he mistook
The shadow of his equipage
For blackbirds.
The river is moving.
The blackbird must be flying.
It was evening all afternoon.
It was snowing
And it was going to snow.
The blackbird sat
In the cedar-limbs.

donderdag 17 augustus 2017

over the mountains to the sea

For the the three muses challenge  this week: 
a black and white snapshot on a colorful art page.

Collage and monoprint of corrugated cardboard.

The photo is part of an old postcard from Switzerland
size: 12,5 x 12,5 cm

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